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The world's first patented light-emitting drumsticks, mallets, and batons
Where patented technology and drummers meet

Technology finally caught up with us. Our patented Firestick® drumsticks and mallets are fitted with advanced, high-powered light-emitting devices (LEDs) that shine while a drummer uses them, creating a spectacular light display and making them the highlight of any performance.

Professional-Grade Drumsticks

Lebeda Engineering LLC, maker of Firestick® drumsticks, holds one of the few patents ever granted in the drumstick industry. This revolution in the drumming world takes advantage of recent advances in LED technology combined with high-tech drumsticks that many music professionals are using today.

How it works:

It has taken years of development and technological advances to make Firestick® drumsticks possible. We install recently developed high-powered LEDs into hickory, double butt-end drumsticks. The weight of the LED exactly matches the weight of the wood taken out of the stick, so the weight and action of the completed drumsticks remain exactly the same. The result is a high-quality drumstick that produces both great music and stunning light effects.

Add amazing visual accompaniment to your marching band performance or musical concert.
We fit LEDs into every stick and mallet used by the percussion section of a marching band. A choreographed light show accompanying a musical performance will leave the audience something to remember long after the show. These drumsticks and mallets can be used to set the right mood for any musical performance and are the perfect instrument for a grand finale. Whatever type of drums and in whatever setting, Firestick® drumsticks will help steal the show.

Enhance a baton twirling performance.

We also equip twirling batons with the same advanced LEDs in both ends of the baton, making an already amazing visual performance a spectacle of spinning lights. See our products page for more details.

Titanium and Aluminum Symphonic Snare Drumsticks - No Lights

Lebeda Engineering LLC is helping to set the pace in the music industry with its unique titanium and aluminum symphonic snare drumsticks. These handcrafted, one-piece drumsticks are lightweight, extremely durable, and produce high-quality sound. See Products page for more details.

Order drumsticks, mallets, and batons by e-mailing lebedaengllc@aol.com.

Lebeda Engineering LLC is not affiliated with drumstick producers Zildjian, Malletech Instruments, Vater Percussion, or Vic Firth.

Firestick® drumsticks are intended for 8 years of age and up.


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